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Friday, October 19, 2012

Rasp Berrymonade!

In the line of quick recipes for the busy artist...

All you need is raspberries, lemons, cold water, and maple syrup (or other sweeteners) to make a fantastic Raspberry Lemonade that refreshes and delights the senses!

For one regular sized pitcher of water, I use the juice of two lemons (freshly squeezed), two big handfuls of raspberries (mine are usually frozen because they don't spoil that way), and I add just enough water to blend it until liquid in a blender. You may want to filter this into a mesh strainer, to remove the little raspberry seeds, as some people don't like those.

Pour in pitcher, add enough water to fill the rest of the pitcher.
Add maple syrup to sweeten to taste (maybe half a cup?).
If you started with very cold water, or if you replace half the water with ice cubes and stir for 2 minutes, it could be enjoyed RIGHT AWAY!!

Someday, I plan to try adding some herbs, like LAVENDER!

Otherwise, place in the re-fridge-A-rator until cold.

This may seem like an overly simplistic "recipe", hardly worth mentioning, right?
Yet, I find that more people than I like to believe don't have a clue how to make proper lemonade, or any other fruit juice blends, from scratch. I sure didn't, until maybe three years ago, when I really got into the good stuff at proper healthy juice bars, and using my blender to replicate and improve the results at home.

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