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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wet effect with Waterbased Varnish

In the past, I aovided using acrylic based varnishes, becaue I hated the "plastic-like" finish, so unlike the water, or glass or polished stone effect I would always prefer.
I recently started using Liquitex High Gloss Varnish for glossing eyes and lips when toxic materials are to be avoided. It's really nice if applied as a puddle, instead of brushed on thinly. I still use a brush, the softest possible, to spread it around as precise as I can. Takes less than an hour to dry, and it doesn't seem prone to bubbles. Additional layers just make it glossier. I never tried more than three coats.

I've sped-dried it with a hairdryer and a heat gun, both work on it. Takes minutes before you can add another coat. I still recommend that you leave it be for at least 8 hours before "handling" of the prop.

I'm really happy that I tried it in different ways until the "almost pouring-on" was shown to give a superior result. It saved me from using a toxic epoxy countertop varnish.
It's almost as glossy as acrylic nail polish, although nail polish seems to be impossible to apply flawlessly over a larger surface than a square inch. Dries too fast. Maybe a solvent?
But then again, I now avoid toxics...