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Friday, September 20, 2013

Easy Iced Coffee

At home, I just beat the taste of any iced coffee I've ever had in a coffee shop or restaurant.
My approach is super simple, and does not require any fancy piece of equipment.

14 ice cubes
2 tablespoons of instant coffee (I used Mount Hagen Organic Café)
Half a cup of maple syrup (or sugar), or however much you need to reach the bitterness/sweetness relationship you prefer
Pinch of salt
Enough water to reach the level of the ice cubes
A tablespoon of almond butter (this turns the water into almond milk, but it's better tasting, healthier and more economical then store bought).

Blend at high speed (finish on pulse) until you have the texture you want.
I don't have any fancy blender (though I dream of a Vitamix), I've had an Osterizer 12 speed blender
for years.

Tastes even better when served in a mug. Serves two for reasonable portions, or serves one greedy coffee fiend.

After a minute or two, the top of the beverage will be a frothy, luscious coffee slush with ice chunks, and the bottom is the most wonderful refreshing sweet coffee drink I've ever had.