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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stew of Abundance!

Comfort in beautiful edible form!
I made a new batch of stew tonight, and it's so satisfying I just had to share!

As usual, I don't have precise quantities, because I eyeball everything with my gut feelings and with input from the inner puppet voices. But You'll have a close enough of an approximation to make the same kind of good stuff!

Why do I share recipes on my laboratory blog? Well, as working artists, we're all very busy, and having delicious food doesn't mean having to eat out all the time, or sacrifice the taste when we cook it ourselves with very little time!  My recipes are easy and fast.

You'll need the regular kitchen equipment, plus these specifics:
A big pot with a thick bottom.  I use my Pressure cooker.
A big pan
A steamer, or some other means to steam veggies

500 grams of red kidney beans, soaked overnight, rinsed, then pressure cooked until soft.
Three cups of diced carrots
Three bell peppers, diced (I like to use three different colors).
Three big cloves of garlic, chopped finely.
One big red onion, diced.
A small broccoli
Approximately 500 grams of mushrooms (one package), washed and sliced.
Two cups of finely chopped flat-leaf Italian parsley

A splash of Apple Cider Vinegar
Sea Salt (fine)
One teaspoon of Black Pepper (or a mix of peppercorns)
One teaspoon of Turmeric
One teaspoon of Oregano
A squirt of tomato ketchup
A squirt of hot sauce (I used Sriracha)


I keep half the water from cooking the beans as part of my broth.
I add the chopped bell peppers to the beans, which are still hot and the stove top is at low heat, to simmer.
I steam cook the carrots separately until soft, but not mushy, then I add them to the beans.
I steam cook the Broccoli in the same way, and add it to the same exact beans.

I cook the garlic, parsley, onions and mushrooms in a large pan with some sunflower oil, a low heat until the onions are translucent. Then I add those to the ever-evolving beans as well!

I then add enough water as needed for the concentration I need.
I may simmer for maybe 5 minutes, but after that, I turn off the heat and leave on the same burner, to benefit from the remaining heat.

Then I add the spices, to taste. The quantities above are approximate, it depends on the overall taste of the batch being made.

I usually eat a big mug or two of this soup as soon as it has been spiced.
Then I  leave the rest of the soup there until it's cooled enough to be placed in the refrigerator.

This provides the blending of flavors, and it's even better when heated the next day.

In the summer I'd place a cloth over the pot to prevent insects from using it as a pool.

This stuff is so good I can eat it twice a day for a week!

It's so easy this could be a good activity with kids. They can help make it, and will be more likely to want to eat it, with pride! Same goes for roommates who claim they can't cook!


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