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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Skullmask finished

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The mask was made with the same materials as the staff, but the mask was finished with melted brown and clear shoe polish.
The staff has an articulated jaw, activated by a small trigger made of plastic.

The costume was a success!
I went out with it during the day on Halloween, to meet with colleague and recent customer Alexander Winfield to show him our in-progress puppet short film elements. Spontaneous responses from people on the street were encouraging, if a bit reserved.
There weren't many costumed people, it didn't feel like Halloween.

I'd have to wait for the cover of night to reach full effect. I went to a friend's family's home to help them scare the children while handing out candies. Fun! A lot of great reactions from people, and many compliments.

Then I went to a Halloween Party/fundraiser for a small Theatre company, which was supposed to be a big bash. Around 10 people were there when I showed up. It maybe tripled while I was there. I knew nobody there, but I made quite an effect when I showed up. I was the only costume which really hid the person's identity. I danced a bit. At least I learned something interesting: when music is going to be played, the giant mask should have ear holes, to allow for better sound distribution inside. As it is, the acoustics inside my mask act as a massive bass booster, and I had a hard time hearing the singers on top of the instruments. So I removed the mask, which was a relief, it gets hot in there when dancing!

Then the colleague who had told me about it showed up after about an hour. Had a few introductions, talked a bit, I proved my masks strenght (paper mache doubters present) by throwing it on the floor a few times, but we left early, the fun was not there.

Then I went to my friend Dan's party, which was amazing. Inspired by who knows what, I made a very dramatic entrance from the dark backyard, with my hood hiding my mask completely. I asked "who is the victim", someone pointed to someone, I checked my hourglass, pointed, and I removed my hood. The sounds they made were very thrilling. Everything I had hoped for in this costume. I had inspiring conversations all night. I hope to meet some of them again. I haven't had that much fun at Halloween since I was a child! Thanks Dan!

I'm going out again tonight, in the same costume, to finally see the show starring my macabre puppets. I can't wait to see them come alive without my direct intervention or a mirror!