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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Easy Frosted Windows

As seen in the daylight.
I live on a big avenue, so there are a lot of pedestrians and cars peeking into my workspace when I forget to close the curtains.

I've made my studio more private by frosting the windows.
As a bonus, I don't need to use the curtains anymore, and the frosting seems to diffuse and bring more light indoors in the daytime. My plants seem to love it!

I didn't want to use toxic chemicals such as spray can products, so I looked online for some tips. Those articles I saw were asking for supplies I didn't have, so I wondered if I could make it simpler.
I had plenty of acrylic medium, and to make it blurry-frosty, I just gradually mixed in a lot of baby powder (talcum).

I applied it on the clean window with a big but soft brush with synthetic hair, changing the direction of my brush to make sure the pattern would not repeat and look too organized. I applied three coats, and kept patching areas that were a bit too thin, which only showed once they were dry.

The stuff scrapes well with a plastic spatula, so I'm not worried about damaging the windows.

I'm happy with the results, but I'm wondering what it would look like with a color instead of just the white-ish frosting. To avoid redoing it all, I'll just try with a large sheet of transparent colored plastic, when I find some.

For a shadow puppet look, one can place black or other opaque silhouettes directly against the glass, indoors. At night when the indoor lights are on, they would show up well.

It's a bit more dramatic than this at night, with streetlights.

Enlarged to show texture, with some shadows from outside.

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Ricardo Garza said...

That’s a neat way of keeping your privacy, and making an awesome design on your windows at the same time! Though my concern lies with how resilient they are, especially if you use store-bought window cleaners on them.