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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Satyr Helmet Mask

Meet Albert, my Halloween costume for 2009.

I've been meaning to make a detailed mask like this for myself for ages!

Albert is made of Paper Mache Bark, Monster Bone, wire, fun foam padding, acrylic paint & synthetic fur.
He is made to fit my head, there are no straps, I just put it on like a helmet, and it is very stable.

Good success with it on its first outing, at an early Halloween party.
I decided to open the mouth permanently to facilitate speaking in noisy crowds. It was an even better success at the Central Canada Comicon, judging by people's reactions and comments.

The wool coat and leather gloves I used for the costume are so comfortable, that I decided to wear them regularly.

Note: Albert is a one of a kind mask, good for performance, masquerade, or display. He was sold. Other masks of a similar type and nature can be made.


Pascal Laflamme Art

Pascal Laflamme is a childhood friend who followed his artistic dreams and has results to show for it! Make sure to see the various portfolios, listed on the right navigation column.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Busy November

Hi all.
November has been a busy time for me, just like it's been since the summer.

Here are some results, among those I can show.
All those are part of an exhibition where they will be for sale, but all of them can be either reproduced (I made molds of the pendants) or variations can be made.

The Miniglobestaff is a magic wand for roleplaying, can also serve as a maracas, sold for 50$ each.

Roolion and Helen are pendants that can also be decorative items, such as ornaments. They can be reproduced and even modified (facial expressions, personality, and colors). For now, I price them at 25$ each. Customizations cost extra.

Fred and Carla are winter ornaments, very strong and each has a prop that is not attached.
Variations are available, prices start at 100$.

Samuel is a BIG winter ornament, constructed over a large christmas tree ball.

The Aliens are a set of four advanced sock puppets, two adult sized and two children sized. Adults with small and medium sized hands can still operate the children size.
This set is sold for 100$. Variations available for 25$ per puppet.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Work in progress, acrylic on canvas.


Pendants that can be worn or displayed.
Polymer Clay.

Reproductions for sale at 25$ each. Colors can be chosen.
Price subject to change.
Enquire by email.