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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vampires In progress

Vampires finished!
Customer is taking care of the costume on both, and building the body (a simple stuffed fabric bag) for the fat one.

The vampires are built from original illustrations by "Sampar", who illustrated the stories by "Ben".
Heres a link to the publisher's page for this book.

Progress pics and process below:

I've been working on Vampire puppets for a storyteller who uses puppets to bring her stories in visual life.
With full authorization from writer, illustrator and publisher, I was asked to create puppets based on the illustrations in a book.

These are the first two heads I made by using a temporary and reusable wax called Flexwax 120. I like it!

Materials: paper mache (toilet paper for detail, coffee filters for structure, paper towel for skin texture), Monster Bone, acrylic paint, Wood (Fangs, and sticks).
The vampire hands (still require more work) were made with foil, popsicle sticks, tape, and paper mache(same ingredients)

The skinny one will be a rod puppet. The fat one will be a bag puppet.


ennovyennovy said...


MarZel said...

Fantastic... I love them and thanks for bring me in a bit of your process too!

Charles said...
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Charles said...

These are wonderful. You are so talented. I love your work!

Charles Taylor

Créaturiste said...

Thanks Ennovy, MarZel and Charles!
I enjoy fabricating from other pêople's design (with proper authorizations), it brings me more "visual vocabulary" that I might have not have gotten had I designed myself.