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Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Too Early for Halloween!

Greetings fellow haunters and costume-fiends!

It is not too early, with the beginning of Spring, to start thinking about Halloween! What with the gloomy rainy weather, the thrilling chill in the air, and life waking up again in every nook and cranny, it is indeed the perfect time for a birth, re-birth, or exhumation!

I make monsters and spooky beings with delight, I take glee in their eerieness, but alas, it has been too long since my last excursion in the dark! You can take advantage of that! My eagerness to spook will infuse whatever I create next in that spirit! If you need an eerie or downright terrifying creature, just contact me, I'll be glad to discuss the possibilities! I also give workshops so people can learn to make their own. I offer them in person and online.

I make puppets and masks of most kinds and sizes, and static props, in a wide range of prices.

A few examples of spookyness are below.

See more of my past creations, albeit mostly non-creepy, in my portfolio, as linked on the right sidebar.


MarZel said...

OMG...ok those skelly creatures...the three masks and ones with the mustaches... well they remind me of the labrynth.... TAKE OFF YOUR HEAD!!!!

Those guys were great!!

PS: I would like to invite you to the Dark Artists Guild Forum at

There is no committment or obligation!!

MarZel said...

I enjoy your art and blog and I gave you a blog award at!!