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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Creepy Poupée

Rag Doll, designed from scratch around an HD Webcam, so that the doll broadcasts what it sees on a big screen for the audience. Created for a contemporary Dance Choreographer in Montreal.

She can sit really stable, at a few angles, thanks to the cylindrical sandbag inside her bottom.

Coutil (type of tightly-woven Cotton), polysester thread, sand, plastic pellets, zipper, HD webcam, unraveled twine, and a wash of acrylic paint.

I'd like to assemble another such doll, without the webcam, to keep for myself. I kept my patterns!


Ed said...

A cute little cyclops. Good feet! So much can be done with "rag doll," this is an inspiring example.

Créaturiste said...

Thanks Ed!
And I'm only scratching the surface I'm sure.

Hopefully, among all the various techniques I must and want to pursue, I will get to experience some more with rag dolls in the near future.