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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Resemblance Issues

I did this quick sketch of a man who's supposed to have bird-like facial characteristics.
I worked without any visual reference, following my own sets of "rules" for the character's evolution.

Still, the result resembles the design of Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.

How much resemblance, however coincidental, is too much resemblance?
I'd appreciate your comments!


Alan Cook said...

Mr BUrns has not looked the same on all SIMPSON episodes, but has evolved over time. Different animators have been used.

Babies resemble other babies, and balding old men resemble other balding old men.

You need not worry about it.

Cucaracha Coja said...

I dont see so much tv. Your end product will, probably be very different. keep going

Lynn said...

The resemblance to Mr. Burns is vague at best. The proportions are different, the nose and mouth are quite different, and the expression is totally different. Just don't give him forehead warts or paint him yellow, and you should be fine!

Michael Dowell said...

I think there is no conflict with your design and the copyright of the Simpsons characters. In case you want to keep your designs from looking "Simpsons"-y , here are some additional general characteristics of Simpsons characters: wall-eyed pupils (pupils that face slightly away from each other), overbite, and the design usually contains an "M" -- for the creator, Matt Groening. Knowing these details ahead of time might save you from questioning whether you are heading into Simpsons-lookalike territory.