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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Macabre Puppets nearly finished

This is where the Lynx demon is at now.
He moves well, and I love his wild hair. The eyes are going to be made lighter, more white, while keeping the bloody veins partly visible. Maybe cataracts?
He shall have no body, his head floats in the nothing, and so will his clawed gloved hands (stained cotton gloves equipped with claws made of carved hot glue sticks. Looks sharp without any danger to the puppet. Fur sprouts through as well).

This is where the "Serpentine" demon is at now.
He still needs a bit more paint job and a disgusting body (more like a tentacle ending with the puppeteer's hand), which shall be finished soon and pics uploaded here..

Three evenings left to finish the two.
I'll be very sad to see those two go, more so than usual.
As I get over the mourning, I'll try to remind myself that they are growing up and need to leave the nest to terrorise and theorize the people on a real Theater stage.

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