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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Macabre Puppets Finished

The puppets are done (finished on the 16th) and now in the hands of the satisfied customer!

Comments welcome!

The characters were renamed by the customer, as planned.
I love what he came up with: Tibbs the Apocalypse Cat, and Tatoon!

UPDATED: the show did a good first run in Toronto.
Here's a review about it:

The show is coming to Montreal on November first 2008.
Click here for details.


Dan McGuire said...

This is the best work of yours that I've seen. Congratulations.
D. McGuire

Créaturiste said...

I hope to make more of this style someday. I actually made a duplicate of the Lynx puppet's skull, in another texture. I like it so much as-is, that it probably will not be turned into a lynx demon. I'll keep it simpler.

Ildiko said...

amazing,as every creature you made!
i'm still reading your 25 page mask tutorial and i felt sorry for the missing pictures(from the yahoo group files).i don't know when will i have the gods to try it.and who gonna be the laboratory rabbit...

Créaturiste said...

sorry about the missing picture files on the yahoo group. I'm no longer a member there at PMA.

Sans Souci Studios said...

Completely awesome! They're so delightfully creepy they give me the chills!!!

Créaturiste said...

Thanks Carrie!
How's your production?