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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Latex Frog Puppets

I'm very excited to show the first pics of the painted frog!
There are still some painting steps left, such as coloring some more and antiquing, but this is the overall look.

After all the technical insanity that seemed to happen every step of the way, it's finally good!

I thought I'd make my life easier by making a single piece latex puppet (in a two-part mold), it was actually a technical nightmare to learn how to use my good mold.
Learned a lot in very little time.

And I am "forced" to turn the few imperfect casts into Zombie Frog puppets!
I have one almost entirely painted already. Pics coming soon.
Both series (frogs and zombie frogfs will be available on my Etsy store in the coming weeks.
Three zombie units will be for sale at first, and then, they will most likely be made to order.

Prices will go up once the cold weather sets in and I cannot work outside, as this will force me to rent studio space, as I don't cast latex in the house.
So, if you want'em, hurry and order before the end of September!

1 comment:

Lilac Grove said...

LOVE the frog Mathieu - and can't wait to see what the Zombie Frogs look like!