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Monday, August 23, 2010

Home-made Blender Slurpie

Hi all,

Whenever I need healthy refreshements, which is everyday,
I make something along these lines...
It's fast, it's amazing.

Fill half a blender pitcher with frozen fruits of your choice.
I reccomend these different variations, because they are my favorites so far...
•Berries (blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry)
•Fruit blend (watermelon, strawberries, honeydew, peaches, grapes)
•Berries+Maple Syrup
•Pickled ginger+juice of 2 lemons+sugar (this tastes like a spicy lemon pie!)

Add a little amount of sweetener (organic sugar, honey, or maple syrup are my usual)
Add a liquid of your choice (water, fruit juice, sweet tea, or even a milk or a milk replacement) to cover the fruit content completely, and add a little bit.
A pinch of salt completes it.
Some people may like, depending on the fruit choices, a tiny bit of spice, such as black pepper, which works really well with strawberries.
However, you do not want it to be overpworing, it's just there as a bonus dimension in taste.

Blend until smooth. If it doesn't move enough for your blender strength, use more liquid, stir by hand, and re-blend..

This mixture can be drunk with a big straw (like for Bubble Tea), or eaten with a spoon.

Also, it's amazing as a sherbet, but in this case I sometimes like to add a thickener, such as a raw egg, or a banana, but it is not really necessary. Use it in an ice-cream maker, or try this fantastically easy and economical method:
I modified that method a bit, I now use a larger plastic bucket to contain the ice & salt. Until I can find a proper flexible and durable container, I still use the plastic zip bag to hold my ingredients. However, a leak usually appears after one use. The slightly damaged bags can be washed and reused to store dry things that are larger than particules, such as craft supplies!


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