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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My puppet performing in Germany!

I just learned about it. I'm thrilled! This is a puppet I built for another show (Jolis Deuils), which they chose for that event. They are offering me royalties for this too, even though it's just one puppet out of many I built for the show, years ago. This company has always been a great example of fairplay.

A multiple opera concert with about 60 musicians and a choir.
Two puppeteers (Pier Dufour and Louis Ayotte, of Kobol Marionnettes).
My puppet on stage, and projected on a giant screen.
The puppet interventions are used to link the different opera excerpts.

They might perform this concert again.

Click on the page numbers below the image group. There are 72 images, a few of which feature the puppet interventions.


Brently said...

watcha mean by interventions?

Créaturiste said...

They were using puppet numbers to link and present every exceprt from various operas.