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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Peepers puppet on Nose

This is a test of the Peepers puppet on my nose.
I was wearing a piece of nylon sock over my eyes, so that they wouldn't show and distract away from the new facial configuration.

It's fun for a short, one-minute gag, but it slips away from the nose tip quite fast. It stays longer if put on upside down, but it looks less convincing, and hides the nostrils.

Sorry for the extra footage, my ever-wacko webcam seems to suddenly add invisible data from previous reccordings, which are only revealed when converted into Flash format! I Can't seen to be able to edit it out!!! Consider it "behind the scenes", because you can see me put on the "costume". By the way, it's only sweat I'm wiping from the outside of my nose.
Mom raised me well, after all.

Peepers are an original product of Puppeteer Hobey Ford.
Get them online at:
No affiliations, I'm just a happy customer!

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