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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Giant Skull mask WIP

Full head mask,
in progress,
hopefully with articulated jaw when completed, if time allows.

Re-useable skull form is newspaper and tape (masking tape and clear packing tape for rigidifying and smoothing). That form was built directly over a loose copy of my head, made with Duct Tape filled with newspaper.

Mask itself is (for now) paper mache strips (coffee filters and outdoors carpenter's glue, diluted just a bit with water). Note the wrinkles, caused by crumpling in one direction and applying directionnally. Those wrinkles provide strenght as well as looking good, if well applied. the effect can be softened by adding a layer or two of thin soft paper in the usual flat method.
When finished, the mask openings and jaw pivot points will be lined with wire and more paper, for strenght. Padding inside will be done with a soft foam, lined with a non-porous foam (Fun Foam, also called Foamie) to prevent sweat absorption by the mask, and provide comfort.
The eyes, nose and jaw openings will have fine see-through black mesh to hide the wearer.

The dream is to also build a pair of giant skeleton hands, but I'm not really counting on it for this Halloween, too many projects at once.


hemant said...

Can you explain me that how it is made up of?


Conrad Hartz said...

Hey........I like the little character head you're holding with your hand and mentioning the eyes on the cap. Is that a hinged jaw on the puppet head? Like Madame?

Conrad Hartz

kelly said...

I once made a grim reaper puppet, wearable, oversized. I, too, was in a rush for hands, and ended up drying some chicken and turkey bones in the oven. I made wire armatures of hands and affixed (probably with glue and tape) the bones to them and spray painted them. There were more bones than anatomically correct, which made them extra spooky coming out of the sleeves. They were also poseable, so of course, I pointed the "flying finger of fate" at each victim as I approached.

Créaturiste said...

For Hemant:
paper mache strips over newspaper and tape form. The paper maxche mask will be removed from the form.

For Conrad:
Are you refering to my profile picture?
What specific puppet are you talking about?

Créaturiste said...

Thanks for the info, Kelly. Do you have pics, I'd love to see your result!
I don't know what character my skull will become, or if it will be any pre-existing one at all.

I thought about making it the Skull Guy, a creature that collects skull effigies of all kinds...
I already have two hologram skull and bone talismans...

kelly said...

Créaturiste said...

Hey Kelly, your Reaper looks very cool, but I'd really like to see more of it, and more clearly.
He deserves it!