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Monday, June 13, 2011

Inspirations for Abundance

I often recommend these sources for inspiration.
They all helped and are still helping me better my life.
I dedicate this article to all artists, who may have been struggling with money and abundance.
Let's fight the clichés and unproductive, self-destructive beliefs.
The age of the Starving Artist is over!
These are resources I found and still find very inspiring in my life, and

Free audio book of The Science of Getting Rich
(I listen to the audio, but I also have the actual book, to carry with me).

Think and Grow Rich (book)
by Napoleon Hill
(I'm still reading it for the first time, not even halfway yet, and already
it's very useful)

For energy and connection inspiration, the following movies (both based on
books) are very uplifting:

The Celestine Prophecy

Peaceful Warrior

And for the importance of myth, there's a superb documentary, which uses
stop motion puppetry (puppets made by Wendy and Brian Froud) to illustrate
some of the myths:
Mythic Journeys

About the law of attraction
(Developed within the two books named above)
Every time I focus on it, even just a little, I get demonstrable results. Just last night, I found 7 "banker's boxes" I needed for better storage and order, for free. I had been thinking I needed them just the day before, and told myself I WOULD find them.
Wasn't even looking for them. Works for small things, and bigger things, including events.
Let's make this a habit, and grow abundance for all!

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