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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Satyr Helmet Mask

Meet Albert, my Halloween costume for 2009.

I've been meaning to make a detailed mask like this for myself for ages!

Albert is made of Paper Mache Bark, Monster Bone, wire, fun foam padding, acrylic paint & synthetic fur.
He is made to fit my head, there are no straps, I just put it on like a helmet, and it is very stable.

Good success with it on its first outing, at an early Halloween party.
I decided to open the mouth permanently to facilitate speaking in noisy crowds. It was an even better success at the Central Canada Comicon, judging by people's reactions and comments.

The wool coat and leather gloves I used for the costume are so comfortable, that I decided to wear them regularly.

Note: Albert is a one of a kind mask, good for performance, masquerade, or display. He was sold. Other masks of a similar type and nature can be made.



Anonymous said...

The smell of death is in on my breathe; Halloween is finally upon us... Positive vibes to you and yours this Halloween!

Skye Leith said...