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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Better-than-Heinz Ketchup!

Not about puppet or mask building, but hey, an Artist's gotta eat!
I like to share quick and tasty (and preferably healthy) recipes to make our busy lives more enjoyable.

In my quest for a healthier lifestyle, I realized that the high content of sugar (liquid sugar/glucose-fructose) in Heinz ketchup made it a condiment that should be at the top of my "cut-back or eliminate" list.

So I decided to make my own tomato ketchup. I just looked at the ingredients on Heinz ketchup, to see what were the main "real" ingredients I should start with.
Well, all you really need is: tomato paste, white vinegar, a sweetener, onion powder, salt, and spices.

Here's what I came up with as a first try:

•Tomato paste, one can.
•White vinegar, about half a cup (natural, from grains) (could have used apple cider vinegar. Maybe next time)
•Onion powder, approx one tablespoon
•Sea salt, one tablespoon
•Raw honey, about a cup (clover)

Mix tomato paste and vinegar. Add the rest gradually until a good balance of sweet-tangy-salty is achieved.


Augusto said...
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Augusto said...

Thanks for the Ketchup recipe, I'm also looking for sugarfree food and it's not easy to find. But isn't honey also sugar?

Créaturiste said...

Hi, Yes, Honey is a sweetener, and contains sugar.

The type of sugar I am avoiding is the refined stuff that has nothing in it but glucose, which our bodies are not designed to digest and use by itself.
We do not get nutrients or other benefits from refined sugar.
It makes our bodies more acidic, hence creating a perfect environment for disease.
It is also very addictive.
And the sugar trade uses human slaves, even to this day. Look for the tv documentary called Big Sugar.